LifeWay Retiree Fellowship
Friday, May 29, 2015

Welcome...this is your community.

Greetings from your Executive Committee! We are already at work planning for our two main events of 
the year.
Our first event will be our Spring luncheon on April 10, Thursday not Friday. Jack Barron, our vice 
president for event planning, has already picked the place, the time, and the entertainment. The program 
is one you will not want to miss. Please put this date on your calendar. We will share more details as to 
where the event will be held and more about the entertainer later. Please share this with retirees who may 
not have a computer or who may not be familiar with the “web-site”. We want to encourage everyone 
who can to check our web-site. Emmett Wood is our web-site reporter and the Executive Committee 
plans to keep this site as current and informative as possible.
Our second event is our annual meeting at Lifeway. That is already on their calendar for September 12. 
In the meantime, if you have suggestions as to information that you would like on that program, please 
share that with me or another member of the Executive Committee. Prior to that meeting, Tom Clark,
John Gardner and myself will have a meeting with Dr. Tom Hellams, our contact person for Lifeway, to 
talk about the program.
We encourage you, as you have opportunity, to share with retirees about these events and encourage them 
to attend. Our purpose as our name suggests is fellowship. We need to grow our Fellowship, and one 
way we can do that is for new retirees or younger retirees to become a part of us by attending the events. 
We have worked together and enjoyed times of fellowship across department areas. We have been 
enriched by the opportunity to work at Lifeway. The memories that we have can sustain us when we are 
alone. On this web site we see the names of those who have died, and while names are shared at our 
annual meeting, it’s when I read where they worked and the length of their service that I can place a face 
with the name if I had any contact with them.
So let’s make some more memories as we come together at our meetings April 10 and September 12.