LifeWay Retiree Fellowship
Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Welcome...this is your community.


Note: The LifeWay Golf Tournament has been canceled. LifeWay will no longer sponsor an annual tournament. 

Go to the LifeWay Map for Visitors Tab to view a map of new LifeWay Location.


LifeWay to discontinue LifeLines. Click here for a letter from LifeWay.




Plan to attend 2018 events         


     Welcome to a new year for LifeWay Retirees! First, my appreciation to John Gardner for his excellent leadership these past two years; what big “shoes” for me to try and fill!

     Next, here is some very good news about plans for our first meeting, April 12, 2018. We begin with guided tours of the new LifeWay building, followed by a catered lunch, and an enjoyable program. It features songs written by our fellow LifeWay employees. We will all sing some of the songs, while others will be presented by LifeWay singers, along with information about their history. Retirees from the church music department will be introduced. And new retirees will also be introduced and receive a free lunch.

   Be sure to add the date of our fall meeting to your calendar: Friday, September 7. LifeWay will host this meeting in their usual gracious manner.

   May our Lord bless this new year of LifeWay Retiree events!

Jim Harvey, President 2018
LifeWay Retiree Fellowship