LifeWay Retiree Fellowship
Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Welcome...this is your community.

Because of the recent changes at LifeWay, the date and place for our annual meeting had to be changed.
Our annual meeting is now changed to August 28, 2015 instead of September 11 as previously announced. The meeting place will be First Baptist Church, downtown Nashville. For our business session and for LifeWay’s participation in our meeting, we will meet in what was their old chapel, but is now home for their contemporary worship.   Entrance for it is off of Seventh Avenue. After the business session, we will adjourn to the dining hall for our meal prepared by the kitchen staff of First Baptist.
LifeWay is still the host for this meal, and as the deadline approaches, you will be requested to make reservations as you have in the past. We hope you will follow the deadline request and let us know of your plans to attend the luncheon. Because we are using outside sources, your timely response is needed more than in times past.
The exact time for the meeting has not been set, but we anticipate that it will probably be close to what we have set in the past.   The card that we send out for notification just prior to the meeting will give the specific time and you will be given instructions concerning the parking at First Baptist.