LifeWay Retiree Fellowship
Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Welcome...this is your community.

 See Construction of LifeWay Building Tab for a photo of the construction progress of new LifeWay building as of January, 2017.



2016 LifeWay Retiree Fellowship Update    

     2016 is over and a lot of things have taken place in our group. In our website you will find the items of business that was presented on September 9, 2016. The constitution amendments that were presented in the meeting were approved and those have been reflected on our website.  Also, updates to the new building are included under “photos” on the website. We were informed that the building is slightly ahead of schedule (anticipated to be in November, 2017).

     Our new executive committee met in October and plans are being made for our 2017 Spring meeting at Tusculum Hills Baptist Church, Nashville on April 13. You will be getting a postcard reminding you of the time and place. The place for the 2017 Fall meeting will be at First Baptist Church, Nashville. The date will be decided at a later time and will be posted on the website under “events”.

     This year our BSSB/ LifeWay Retiree Fellowship celebrated 30 years!

     Also LifeWay celebrated 125 years of providing materials to churches of all sizes. When you realize that Kind Words was the first printed piece and now we produce materials in print media and electronic media, we have come a long way!


John Gardner, President 2016-2017
LifeWay Retiree Fellowship