LifeWay Retiree Fellowship
Sunday, December 17, 2017

Welcome...this is your community.


Note: The Annual Retiree Meeting was held September 8, 2017 at First Baptist Church Nashville. The agenda, reports, and minutes from this meeting may be viewed by going to the Annual Meeting 2017 tab on the left side of this page.






Presidents Report    

     Greetings from a FORMER Lifeway Retiree Fellowship President. I enjoyed my two years as your president and look forward to assisting the Executive Committee as a member for the next two years. 
      During my  two years as President we saw the selling of the main campus as we have known it and the beginning of a new and fresh building just north of the old 127 Ninth Avenue building. During our recent annual meeting we saw pictures of the new building that we occupy in the middle of November, 2017. There will be some part of the old building (stain glass windows from the chapel, some bricks from the previous buildings and some original copies of magazines  through the years on display in the new building).
     Jim Harvey begins his time as our new retiree President for the new two years. Jim came to the Board in 1987 as the January Bible Study consultant and returned to the local church, FBC, Franklin,TN in 1996. After five years on that staff he and a group of members from three local churches started West Franklin Baptist Church. He and his wife Val are still members there.
     Jim and Val are natives of Hobart Oklahoma.
     We look forward to have our Spring and Fall meetings at the new LifeWay building in the Capitol View area of Downtown Nashville.

John Gardner, President 2016-2017
LifeWay Retiree Fellowship