LifeWay Retiree Fellowship
Monday, August 20, 2018

Executive Committee


Pictured first row left to right: Pat Raymer, Alyssa Goins, Linda Still, Jane Reed,
and Morlee Maynard. Second row: John Oldham, Jack Barron, Jim Harvey, John
Gardner, and Charles Businaro. Not pictured: Becky Rau, Jim Lowry, and Becky
President: Jim Harvey
President Elect: Morlee Maynard
Past President: John Gardner
Vice-president: Jack Barron
Membership Associate: Pat Raymer
Events Associate: Charles Businaro
Events Associate: Vacant
Secretary: Jane Reed
Communications Coordinator: Becky Rau
Web-Site Reporter: John Oldham
Music Leader: Alyssa Goins
Pianist: Joyce Byrd
Historian: Vacant
Photographer: Vacant
Treasurer: Jim Lowry
Newsletter Reporter: Linda Lawson Still
E-Mail Associate: Becky Martin